October 2012          

Message From MRFF President and Founder Mikey Weinstein

Mikey WeinsteinGreetings, valued supporters,

October has passed, and it truly has been a month like no other. As always, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation should be proud of its accomplishments. Despite the tremendous pain that has accompanied the loss of one of our most valued MRFF Advisory Board comrades-in-arms who fell in the line of duty last month in Libya, MRFF has maintained its unceasing forward momentum. Not only have we received a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, our fifth in four consecutive years, but we have also "enlisted" the valued aid of an incomparably talented and committed public servant, former Ambassador and Senator Carol Moseley Braun.

Carol Moseley Braun, the first female African-American Senator, has a sterling record in support of the cause of defending the wall separating church and state. In her devotion to protecting servicemembers' civil rights and religious liberties, she and I are kindred spirits. Like many past leaders of our great nation, she understands that allowing religious forces to exert undue influence within our democratic republic leads to a state of volatile religious animosity and oppression of the most draconian kind. She knows well that the rapidly expanding, unconstitutional influence of anti-Constitutional organizations like Officers' Christian Fellowship, Christian Embassy, and other pernicious Dominionist groups must be put to a halt. As a member of our prestigious Advisory Board, Carol will play a crucial role guiding MRFF towards ensuring Constitutional compliance and religious respect and tolerance throughout our Armed Forces.

If the U.S. Military is to remain in optimal shape, at the ready on a constant basis to defend and protect the people who reside in this country, servicemember civil rights must be upheld. In the midst of skyrocketing suicide rates among soldiers, the U.S. Army can't afford not to root out the patterns of religious torment and coercive proselytization which lie extant across its ranks.

However, the recent "suicide-prevention session" cum mandatory Christian prayer session held at San Antonio's Fort Sam Houston made a complete mockery of servicemembers' rights and religious liberties. In this case, approximately 800 soldiers were forced to bow their heads, with cheap electronic candles in hand, as they were exposed to a 15-minute prayer service replete with references to a "heavenly father" and statements about their need for "something divine" in order to make it through adversity. Out of this 800, a total of 38 aggrieved soldiers reached out to MRFF, 11 of whom will sign a federal complaint form against the Army chain-of-command and the chaplain who led this foul charade of a "suicide-prevention session." Credit is due to our brave client, Staff Sgt. Victoria Gettman, who reached out to our organization and has fearlessly led the fight-back vs. overtly anti-constitutional, sectarian ceremonies at Fort Sam.

As always, MRFF remains in dire need of your support, and every little bit makes a difference. Those of you who have already contributed to our cause have played a crucial role in contributing to the continued existence and efficacy of our civil rights organization. From our intrepid research department headed by Senior Research Director Chris Rodda, which is constantly on the move investigating and exposing Constitutional violations within the armed forces, to our press liaison department, our fearless litigators and trial attorneys, and our tireless web / promotional agency, every dollar is used to help re-erect the long-shattered wall separating church and state. Your continued fully tax-deductible donations are always appreciated, and always needed.

Your Eternal Ally,

Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein
Founder & President
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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October 2012

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MRFF Nominated for 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has been nominated for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize for the fifth time, marking the fourth consecutive year that MRFF has received a nomination.

While the Nobel committee does not officially release the names of nominees for 50 years, the letter nominating the MRFF was authorized for release by the Foundation, though redacted so as not to reveal the identity of the nominating source. MRFF was nominated by one of the founding members of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning humanitarian organization.

The winner of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize will be announced in October of next year by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo, Norway.

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*NOTE: If you are having trouble viewing the PDF version, you may also read the nomination letter here



Fmr. Senator Carol Moseley Braun Commits to
Fight for Servicemembers' Religious Freedom

"It is my pleasure to join the Advisory Board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. By working to protect the essential liberty of belief within the uniformed services, this organization makes a patriotic contribution to our country's military. By advocating for the preservation of the separation of church and state on behalf of military men and women, the MRFF can be a voice for the most fundamental of American values. Patriotism is more than just flag-waving. It can mean fighting for the principles that make America great. It can call for sacrifice to insure that those principles are neither lost nor forgotten in the midst of conflict or chaos. It requires that we remain dedicated to the principles articulated in our Constitution and for which so many generations of Americans have given the last full measure of devotion. I look forward to assisting the important mission of the MRFF."

Born on Chicago's south side to a medical assistant and Chicago police officer, Carol Moseley financed her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago by working at the post office and grocery store. She went on to graduate from the University of Chicago Law School.

Carol began her career as an Assistant United States Attorney, where her success as a prosecutor earned her the U.S. Attorney's Special Achievement Award.

In 1978 Carol was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives. During her first election for State Representative, Carol made education her top priority. She was the chief sponsor of the 1985 Urban School Improvement Act which created parents councils at every school in Chicago. As early as 1984, Carol proposed a moratorium on the death penalty. In what became a landmark reapportionment case, Carol successfully sued her own party and the state of Illinois on behalf of African-American, Hispanic, and female citizens. Carol was also the chief sponsor of bills to reform education and ban discrimination in housing and private clubs. After only two terms in the House, Carol was selected to become the first African-American woman to serve as Assistant Majority Leader. Her legislative legacy is her ability to build coalitions of people from all races and backgrounds who are committed to the same values of how government should best represent the people. Carol went on to break barriers at the local government level when she was elected Cook County Recorder of Deeds with more than one million votes cast in her favor. She became the first woman and the first African-American to hold executive office in Cook County government. In 1993, Carol made history again when she was elected to the United States Senate. Her victory represented the opening of a new world of opportunity as she was the first African-American female elected to the U.S. Senate. During her time in office Carol was a strong champion of healthcare and education reform-writing the Educational Infrastructure Act, designed to help bring education funding to low-income communities. Because of Carol's tireless fight for fairness and the eradication of discrimination President Clinton appointed her United States Ambassador to New Zealand in 1999. Today Carol resides in Hyde Park and has launched a line of organic food products called Ambassador Organics.

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Thursday Evening, October 11, 2012 at West Point

"I had the distinct honor to address some really fantastic West Point cadets and wonderful faculty tonight at the beautiful Carl von Clausewitz Library in Thayer Hall on the historic campus of the United States Military Academy..."



Keep religious extremism out of reunion

Friday, October 19, 2012

By esteemed author Robert F. Dorr 

  • A military reunion is supposed to be a joyous event.It's a time to reconnect, celebrate friendships and savor camaraderie.But Mikey Weinstein fears a different experience when the Air Force Academy Class of 1977 holds its 35th reunion in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Oct. 24. "To some in the room, I'll be as welcome as a tarantula on a wedding cake," Weinstein told me in an Oct. 15 telephone interview. Weinstein and his wife, Bonnie, have received hate mail calling on them to stay away from the reunion. "You shame our class and our alma mater," reads an email from a self-described classmate who tells Weinstein, "You have the hell-spirit of the devil within you."
  • The email contains some threatening language that is too vile for this newspaper. The person who wrote it was too cowardly to sign his name. It reflects an extreme religious view — underline the word "extreme" — that Weinstein said is too influential in the Air Force. He believes people ought to hold any religious belief they want but should avoid inflicting it on others.
  • Weinstein's fiery indignation can be a turnoff to even his strongest supporters. Some believe he is exaggerating the threat of religious zealotry. Still, Weinstein is right to want religion and preaching kept out of the military workplace. He deserves support from classmates and from all of us.

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Discussing "Candlelit Vigil" Forced Prayer Session with Mikey Weinstein

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jack Riccardi talks with Mikey Weinstein (founder of Military Religious Freedom Foundation) about a "Candle-lit Vigil" at Fort Sam.
Is it "Government-Sponsored Proselytism"?

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Mikey Weinstein Discusses AFI 1-1 & MRFF

Sunday, September 28, 2012

Military Religious Freedom Foundation President and Founder Mikey Weinstein talks about what's ahead for his organization and the impact of Air Force Instruction 1-1 - which makes advocating a particular religion in the Air Force a criminal offense.

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10/16/12 TALK2ACTION – USAFA Classmate Threatens Imprecatory Prayer if Mikey Weinstein Attends Class Reunion

10/8/12 HUFFINGTON POST – CHRIS RODDA – The Congressional Prayer Caucus and the House Science Committee — A Disturbing Combination

10/4/12 SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS – Fort Sam 'vigil' draws fire

9/28/12 TALK2ACTION – Major Jonathan C. Dowty, the Christian Fighter Pilot, Sinks to an All-Time Low


You can see the above stories, as well as much more, at MilitaryReligiousFreedom.org

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MRFF's Inbox

We at MRFF receive an enormous amount of email both from our supporters and our detractors. "MRFF's Inbox" allows us to share these emails with you. The following is a small sampling of the sometimes vibrant, sometimes vile correspondence which we've received within the past month:


MRFF Client SSgt Victoria Gettman on Forced Prayer "Vigils"

Selected Excerpt:

There were a few times in my career where I was forced to go to church. I was one of those in basic training that had the choice of go to church or clean the barracks. Of course I went to church. I was also afforded the opportunity to get on a bus and go to a shoppette during basic training. I was so happy at the thought of soda and candy that I jumped on that bus. When we got to the shoppette, we were told that we had to sit through a church service first. That church pushed so hard to "save" us. Everyone felt the pressure to be "saved". I was one of the few that continually refused. One of my battle buddies said something about it being no big deal. Just do it so we can get to the shoppette...

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Fear Christ-Michael Weinstein

Selected Excerpt:

Good evening Michael Weinstein. I am a classmate of yours from the USAF Academy Class of 1977. I have written to you before. I am a Spirit-filled born again Christian. My wife is a spirit-filled born again Christian and my children are as well. I came to the Lord during my years as a cadet at the Academy. A number of your classmates have asked me to convey a simple message to you. It is a two part message. First, we ask you to reconsider coming to our 35th reunion next week. Yes, we found out you are coming. And second we ask you to believe in and fear the Power of Prayer if you refuse to reconsider.
I didn't know you well at the Academy but well enough to see the darkness of spirit within you. (continued, click here to read)

Re: Fear Christ-Michael Weinstein
(a reaction from MRFF Advisory Board member Mike Farrell)

Selected Excerpt:

Dear Mikey,

This is one of the sickest things I've ever read, and I've read plenty of sick stuff coming from these who pretend to be Christians. This insane nonsense being the work of one who considers himself a "Spirit-filled born again Christian" offers vivid proof of the absolute meaninglessness of the term... (continued, click here to read)

Thank you Mikey and MRFF

Request of Mr. Weinstein?

Missing info from website…

MRFF Featured by the San Antonio Express-News – Fort Sam 'vigil' draws fire

They don't get it!

christian USA

What I Think About My Alma Mater the USAF Academy

Re: September 2012 Newsletter-Jesus Rifles/Glen Doherty, MRFF Advisory Board Member Killed in Libya, R.I.P.


Click here to read the many more emails which MRFF has received in the MRFF Inbox!

MRFF Needs Your Constant Vigilance to Uncover Unconstitutional Religious Incursions in the Military

The constitutional violations occurring in our military are so numerous and widespread
that we can't possibly find all of them ourselves. MRFF counts on its supporters and volunteers --
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violations to articles we might be interested in.

So, keep the emails coming, and never think that anything is too insignificant or assume
that we might already know about it. You never know -- you might have stumbled into the
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Please report anything that may be of concern to: [email protected]

NO SNOWFLAKE IN AN AVALANCHE: The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, its Battle to Defend the Constitution, and One Family's Courageous War Against Religious Extremism in High Places (Vireo, 2012)

By Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein and Davin Seay

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Mission to Berlin: The American Airmen Who Struck the Heart of Hitler's Reich

By esteemed author Robert F. Dorr 

AIR FORCE TIMES: "Told largely in the vivid words of the veterans themselves, the story puts you in the freezing-cold cockpit for a white-knuckle mission over heavily fortified enemy territory."

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Robert F. Dorr, tel. (703) 264-8950
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