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Our achievements are many; our impact is clear. Just this week, Defense News ranked me as one of the "100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense." And of course, you know, they're not really ranking me - they're ranking every single one of us that stands united in the belief that the United States military must never become a partisan bastion of a single religion's power and influence.

In addition to our Year End Appeal, below you will see two other important items. First is a new op-ed written by Blake Page, the Director of MRFF Affairs at West Point; it's yet another powerful piece penned by an incredibly brave young man. The second is a song entitled "Stone By Stone," written by talented musician and MRFF supporter Rick Hart. He graciously donated the song to MRFF, and we've made the song available to listen online for free. If you want an MP3, we've made those available for a minimum $5 donation; see the link below for details.

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Respect Existence or
Expect Resistance

by Blake Page, Director of MRFF Affairs at West Point

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religious liberty and civil rights for himself and his fellow cadets

Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Selected Article Excerpts:

  • This afternoon I received a not-so-startling report from multiple fourth class (freshman) cadets at West Point who are current clients of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). These cadets solicited my services as the Director of MRFF Affairs at West Point to find some way to ensure that they are no longer explicitly required to celebrate the religious holiday of their superiors' choosing. I say not-so-startling because it is well understood that the command at West Point does not just recommend, encourage or support the exaltation of Christianity around this time of year, but requires it by force of policy under threat of reprimand for any who dissent. Some may attempt to mince words or parry my indictment with claims that Christianity is a philosophy and Christmas is a cultural tradition. Although those arguments lack intellectual integrity on several fronts, in this particular instance there is no way to obfuscate the truth of the matter, as the cadets in question were not simply made to dress Christmas trees or give presents, but were given direct orders to serenade their superiors with such classic songs as "O Holy Night" and "Joy to the World." If there is a secular message in those songs it can only be heard in the absence of vocal accompaniment.
  • By now many readers may be wondering why I am being so uppity with my invocation of the First Amendment's No Establishment Clause and my impassioned desire to see adherence to our Constitution in action. I care about this bedrock principle of American democracy because many others care about it; because we are all affected by the intrusion of religious authority into the government. There is no place for establishing the supremacy of one religion over all others in our country. Many American service members have had their fill of being told that the religious preference of the majority is superior to their personally held philosophical beliefs.
  • Twenty-one percent of our military and 32 percent of our civilian population are currently non-religious. It's now time that our leaders acknowledge the fact that our spiritual choices are not a matter to be toyed with by the government in any way. The new mantra of the MRFF, courtesy of founder and president Mikey Weinstein, should ring loud and clear: "Respect existence or expect resistance." Do you hear us now?

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"Stone By Stone" – A Song for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation by Rick Hart

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Stone By Stone"
does a truly fantastic
job of conveying
MRFF's message

This song was graciously
donated to the Military
Religious Freedom Foundation
by musician Rick Hart


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"Stone By Stone" is (c) (p) 2012 Rick Hart. All Rights Reserved.

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