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Army Personnel at Fort Gordon Associated with the Army Substance Abuse Program are Handing Out "Free" Copies of Rick Warren's
Proselytizing Christian Book
"The Purpose Driven Life"

Friday, August 29, 2014

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Your grave will be a public toilet

When you croak weinstein you best have a unmarked grave? Know alot of good folks who will love to piss and take a dump on it if not. The MRFF is just like ISIS but even worse. You love the muslims better than your own American Christians? We all know why. Because you hide behind the constitution? play hide and seek with The Truth of Christ’s Gospel. You pretend to help the troops. But you only want to keep The Good News from us and our families. Yes Jesus was a Jew. But not the deceiver kind you are. Sooner your in hell the sooner His Will Be Done. Give it up weinstein and surrender to His Word. Or else you burn. Very disrespectfully,, 7 US Army Noncoms and our wifes and children

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I'm in

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit UNG and speak with students. I wanted to thank you in person last night but I had to get to class.
I’m an Episcopalian and even though I’m a Christian, I am often times offended by the prayers offered before events. They are ostracizing to those who don’t prescribed to that specific brand of Christianity. I also work with an interfaith program that works with Christian, Jewish and Muslim kids from the United Staes, Israel and Palestine and have gained an understanding and open minded ness when it comes to prayer for mixed groups.
I personally like the idea of starting an event with prayer but I am one person and I think it is more important to create a strong, accepting community and that can’t be done by offending people and forcing them to pray to something they don’t believe in.
Thank you for your hard work and for coming to UNG.
I’m in,

(name withheld

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