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Special Weekend Edition

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Ted Cruz joins gaggle of Fundamentalist Christian U.S. Congressmen and U.S. Senators in sending idiotic letter complaining about recent string of MRFF's successes to Sec'y of U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Christians in Congress Demand Bibles Be Reinstated in Military POW/MIA Displays

"Last night, I asked MRFF President Mikey Weinstein what he made of this letter and he was furious, calling it 'nothing more than a big juicy piece of red meat' from the politicians to their constituents during an election year. The letter 'isn't even worthy to wipe one's ass with,' he added. He referred to the bibles on the memorial tables as "vicious, disgusting, nauseating" examples of Christian exceptionalism.[...] Weinstein says this is a 'tantrum of the majority' -- and, just as with children, it'd be foolish to cave in to their whining.[...]"

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Sexually Assaulted?
MRFF Condemns Military's
"Jesus Heals" Solution


Redstone Arsenal's religious-themed
SHARP training draws criticism

"The religious themes led more than two dozen attendees to contact the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an advocacy group that has engaged the Defense Department for about decade on similar issues. Recent topics have included 'missing man' prisoner-of-war tables with Bibles, a National Prayer Day event on a Marine Corps base and a variety of signs featuring religious imagery or phrases. 'This was absolutely inappropriate, and it happens continually at Redstone,' MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein, a former Air Force officer, said Thursday. 'They have basically created an alloy between fundamentalist Christianity and being in the U.S. Army. ... The command climate is so noxious there.'[...]"

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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Redstone Worker Says Sex Assault Program
Used to Espouse Christianity

"The Redstone employee, who spoke to Military .com on condition he not be identified out of fear of retaliation, confirmed he has filed a complaint with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a civil rights group that opposes the inclusion of religion into official and mandatory Army programs. Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the MRFF, said his group has been contacted by 26 Redstone personnel since the April 27 event, most of them Christian but critical of the forum being used to tout a particular religion. "We've tried to reach out through informal means to talk with [the command]," Weinstein said on Friday. "These people want an apology and to make sure this situation is corrected." He said his organization wants the Army to conduct an in-depth investigation and punish the people responsible for turning what should have been a secular event into an opportunity to witness for Jesus.[...]"

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Friday, April 29, 2016


THE STREAM: Military High Court Considers
Religious Liberty Case for Marine Whose Bible Verse Was Removed

"'The charges against Sterling resulted from several separate, unrelated incidents over the course of five months,' wrote Military Religious Freedom Foundation Senior Research Director Chris Rodda, whose group opposes Sterling's case, at Huffington Post. "These incidents included failing to go to her appointed place of duty, disrespecting a commissioned officer, and disobeying direct orders from her superiors to wear the proper uniform. These incidents had nothing to do with religion or religious freedom[...]"

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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Group Assails 'Prayerful Leadership'
Talk Slated for Quantico

Mikey Weinstein, head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said Brig. Gen. Helen G. Pratt's office forwarded to officers at the university an invitation from the command chaplain to attend the "Prayerful Leadership" discussion on May 5 at school's Gray Research Center. Speakers include some of the school's top leaders, he said. [...]

Weinstein said chaplains are well within Defense Department policy to email members of their own faith group and to invite them to events at the chapel, but emailing all officers through Pratt's office and holding the program at the university are prohibited actions. [...]

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