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Friday, August 4, 2017


MRFF calls for the immediate investigation into the base-wide email invitation at
Wright-Patterson AFB to the
"Global Leadership Summit", a fundamentalist Christian program
described as a "faith-based event".
The egregious religious favoritism violates a number of specific Air Force regulations.

Demand letter from Mikey Weinstein to Colonel Bradley McDonald, 88th Air Base Wing Commander at Wright-Patterson AFB, calling for the immediate investigation into the base-wide invitation to the "Global Leadership Summit":

From: Mikey Weinstein
Date: August 3, 2017 at 9:45:50 AM MDT
To: Col. Bradley McDonald
CC: Lt. Col. Theadore Wilson
Subject: MRFF Demand Letter to Wright-Patterson AFB 88th Air Base Wing Commander

August 3, 2017

Re: July 17, 2017 Base-Wide Email Invitation to Willow Creek “Global Leadership Summit”

Colonel Bradley McDonald, 88th Air Base Wing Commander, Wright -Patterson AFB,

Sir, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has received over 40 contacts-of-concern and client requests for its intervention from Wright-Patterson AFB military and civilian personnel under your command regarding a recent base-wide email invitation sent from the Wright-Patterson Chaplains Office (88 ABW/HC), Wing Chaplain, Wright-Patterson AFB (please see this e-mail below), and addressed to, "Wright-Patterson WP_All Personnel <[email protected]>". Nearly 75% of MRFF’s clients on this matter self-identify as either Protestant or Roman Catholic. The remainder comprise many faiths including the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Native American Spiritualist faiths as well as those personnel who identify as agnostic, secularist, humanist and atheist. The subject email invites all Wright-Patterson AFB military members and associated base personnel to attend a “Global Leadership Summit” described as “a 2-day live simulcast, faith-based event”, hosted at the base chapel's Religious Education Facility, located in Wright-Patterson AFB family housing, and sponsored by the 88 ABW/HC. The event is to be held from 0900-1630, 10-11 Aug 2017 and would, therefore, require that base personnel attending this event be absent from normal USAF duty-day assignments. The invitation does not specify a targeted religious audience, stating instead that, “[t]he for everyone interested in growing their leadership skills!”

Base-wide invitation violates AF Directives: This invitation creates confusion and expressly violates Air Force Directives regarding the purpose of the event and disregards AF regulations addressing the appropriate targeting of “advertising” for religious worship and education.

If this event is an opportunity for religious education and/or worship, then according to AFI 52-101, since (1) the event is presented by “Willow Creek Association” which is an association of the Willow Creek Community Church, a well-known fundamentalist Protestant Evangelical mega-church enterprise headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, and (2) since the pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church is a main speaker at the “Global Leadership Summit”, therefore, the “Global Leadership Summit” should be “advertised” ONLY to base personnel included on religious index email lists representing (protestant) “contemporary, gospel, and community” worshiping groups; as these groups most closely value and practice the style of worship and fundamentalist evangelical theological perspective of the Willow Creek Community Church. [See, AFI 52-101.4]

In the alternative, a “Prot_All” (all personnel listed with a religious category of “Protestant” in base personnel files) email “advertisement” rather than a “Wright-Patterson WP_All Personnel <[email protected]>” address might be used to inform persons of an religious educational event which promotes a “Christ-centered” approach to leadership based in fundamentalist Protestant Evangelical and Dominionist theology. [See,] However, advertising this event to “all protestants” offensively over-targets the advertisement, as the theological perspectives of Protestant “liturgical, and traditional” worshipers (which are included in a “Prot_All” email listing) is profoundly distinct from, and in many cases, opposes the overtly mercantile approach and fundamentalist perspective of Christian Evangelicals. [See, AFI 52-101.4]

According to Air Force regulations, the appropriate advertisement of this event must be specifically limited to those persons worshiping within the denominational constraints and articulated beliefs of Evangelical and Dominionist Protestant Christians. [See AFI 52-101.4]

The “Global Leadership Summit” does not fulfill the essential chaplain duty to “Advise Leadership”: If the “Global Leadership Summit” is not a religious education and/or worship event, then the official sponsorship, advertising and hosting of the event by the office of the Wing Chaplain (88 ABW/HC) is wholly inappropriate and violative of well-established Air Force regulatory policy and standards.

In addition, the presentation of the “Global Leadership Summit” does not fulfill the essential chaplain duty to “Advise Leadership”. According to Air Force directives the duty obligation of Air Force chaplains to “Advise Leadership” [see, AFI 52-101.6] regards informing Air Force leadership of “all matters pertaining to religion and the accommodation of practices arising from religious faith, ethical decision making and moral reasoning.” The regulation continues, “[a]dditionally, Chaplain Corps personnel serve as principal advisors to leadership regarding the spiritual pillar of Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF).” The regulation does not command or imply that this “advice” take the form of offering or imposing a searingly sectarian view of leadership upon any military member absent a direct request to obtain such information by that member (or that member’s voluntary attendance at a specific worship service or religious education session). Furthermore, the presentation of this sectarian fundamentalist Christian event does not fulfill any Chaplain duty obligation to “advise leadership... regarding the practices of religious faith, ethical decision making and moral reasoning.” These essential chaplain functions are exercised primarily at the request of Air Force leadership, are often carried out in a one-on-one encounter and focus on the details of actual religious, ethical and/or moral situations faced by Air Force leaders; none of these descriptive criteria are met by the presentation of this sectarian fundamentalist Christian “Global Leadership Summit”.

Religious practice accommodation must accommodate an identifiable religious practice: The timing of the “Global Leadership Summit” will require commanders to excuse military members from two consecutive duty days. On what basis will these members request this time off from duty? Since the “Global Leadership Summit” is hosted and sponsored by the 88 ABW/HC, military members might expect that an excuse from duty would be granted as a religious accommodation. However, as AFI 52-101.4.4 indicates, religious accommodation concerns accommodating “religious practices”.

Excuse from duty-day for religious accommodation. In accordance with DoDI 1300.17, Accommodation of Religious Practices Within the Military Services, section 4, “it is DoD policy that requests for accommodation of religious practices should be approved by commanders when accommodation will not have an adverse impact on mission accomplishment, military readiness, unit cohesion, standards, or discipline.” [AFI 52-101.4.4] (Emphasis mine)

What religious practices are being accommodated at the “Global Leadership Summit”? Those military members with a personal history of religious worship and practice within mercantile oriented, fundamentalist evangelical Christian traditions or those military members who state that they are seeking to adopt the religious worship and practices of mercantile oriented, fundamentalist evangelical Christian traditions, may successfully argue that this simulcast “Summit” presents an opportunity to receive sectarian religious education within that specific religious perspective; but those attendees who do not embrace this narrow religious viewpoint cannot claim that the religious education offered at this event represents their personal religious practice and therefore merits consideration as a “religious accommodation.” This failure to identify religious accommodation specifics is yet another blatant example of why a base-wide invitation to the “Global Leadership Summit” egregiously contravenes Air Force directives and challenges good order, morale and discipline.

Conclusion: Like many evangelical fundamentalist Christian, large-scale, open-invitation productions, which seek a base-wide audience, this patently sectarian religious event masquerades as something it clearly is NOT, in order to present a radically conservative, Dominionist Christian perspective as socially normative, institutionally empowering and coextensive with official Air Force leadership policy.

A cursory look at the Willow Creek, “Global Leadership Summit” website confirms that the clear intent of the “Global Leadership Summit” is to instrumentalize the military environment so that the evangelizing goals of conservative, fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity may be enhanced and effected within the leadership hierarchy of the Air Force and other powerful governmental agencies. [See,]. The “Global Leadership Summit” website states: "If the Summit can impact another person’s life who is in a leadership position, it can have a ripple effect on everyone they touch.” [See,]. Furthermore, the Mission Statement of the Willow Creek Community Church makes it abundantly clear in its single stated mission that its goal is to target the "irreligious" for evangelism: "The Mission of Willow Creek Community Church is to turn irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ." [See,].

While Willow Creek and other mercantile, evangelical fundamentalist Christian organizations are free to pursue these aggressive evangelizing goals within governmental agencies, it is absolutely incumbent upon Air Force leadership to enforce regulations which appropriately limit and target chaplain advertisement of these events and carefully discern if actual religious practices are being accommodated in permitting base-wide requests to attend these sectarian religious presentations. Failure to do so distinctly evidences command favoritism of one faith over another or no faith which violates AFI 1-1, Section 2.12 and, consequently, eviscerates good order, morale, discipline, unit cohesion, health and safety and military readiness of those military and civilian members of the 88th Air Base Wing under your command.

On behalf of its clients under your command, MRFF demands that you immediately investigate this matter and take timely, appropriate corrective action including the punishment of those who have allowed these dangerous violations of Air Force regulations to ensue.

Please kindly advise me soonest as to the official actions you are taking, Colonel McDonald.

Thank You,

Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein, Founder and President, MRFF


Original email invitation disseminated to Wright-Patterson AFB regarding the "Global Leadership Summit":

From: 88 ABW/HC Organizational Mailbox
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 6:34 AM
To: Wright-Patterson WP_All Personnel <[email protected]>
Subject: Global Leadership Summit

Team Wright-Patterson,

The 88th ABW Chapel Team invites you to a premier leadership training event! The “Global Leadership Summit” is a 2-day live simulcast, faith-based event -- hosted by world class faculty drawn from corporate, academic, and religious settings. The event will be held 10–11 August, 0900–1630 and is for everyone interested in growing their leadership skills!

Reserve your seat at: *
-- see the “Attachment” on the e-vite for the list of guest speakers, who many will incorporate Biblical leadership principles into every day decision making.

Everyone has influence and the ability to create positive change. When you improve your leadership, you impact lives, churches, businesses, governments, schools and families. Come and better yourself and your unit by becoming the leader you were meant to be.


Your W-P Chapel Team

*[Please note that the invitation on this website is no longer accessible]


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