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Wednesday, April 5, 2017



Choice of lesbian commandant at Air Force Academy stirs debate

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


On the other side of the debate, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation wants Dowty investigated for several allegations of violating military rules and instructions. Read the MRFF letter to the DoD here.

Or here:

Specifically, MRFF, founded by AFA grad Mikey Weinstein, complains that Dowty violates an instruction on diversity and equal opportunity, and the Uniform Code of Military Justice laws regarding "disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer, failure to obey order or regulation, conduct unbecoming and officer and conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline."

The letter reveals that Goodwin spoke with an MRFF board member and adamantly denied lying about anything. "She relates," the letter states, "that she did not become aware of her sexual orientation until well after DADT went into effect. Thus, Lt. Col. Dowty's implication that Brig Gen. (Sel) Goodwin is a 'liar,' is itself, patently false."

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Group Files IG Complaint Over Blog on Incoming Academy Commandant Blog Post

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

An advocacy group has filed an official complaint with the Defense Department's Inspector General's Office to investigate a blog,, and potentially bring corrective action against its alleged owner, Air Force Lt. Col. Jonathan C. Dowty.

Mikey Weinstein, president and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said his organization -- which believes the blog to be in violation of Air Force standards and the Uniform Code of Military Justice -- is seeking a full investigation after the blog published a piece insinuating incoming Air Force Academy superintendent Brig. Gen. Kristin Goodwin may have lied to join the service. [...]

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Accusing Brig. Gen. (Select)
Kristin E. Goodwin of Being a Liar


Trump’s Defence Secretary urged to overturn appointment of ‘ungodly’ lesbian Air Force chief

Monday, April 3, 2017 

An extreme conservative group founded by Alabama's former Chief Justice has attacked the nomination of an 'ungodly' lesbian to head the US Air Force Academy. It was announced last week that Col. Kristin Goodwin, who has a wife and two kids, has been named as commandant of the US Air Force Academy.

Her nomination as Brigadier General and appointment to the role did not attract a wide amount of controversy – but anti-LGBT activists are now demanding Trump's Defence Secretary James Mattis reverse the decision. In a letter to Mattis, the Foundation for Moral Law – founded by Alabama"s disgraced Chief Justice Roy Moore – claimed Col. Goodwin should not be allowed to take the role because she "does not set a proper moral example for youth." In the letter Kayla Moore, the wife of the disgraced former Chief Justice, claims: "The person responsible for the education of cadets at the academy is a role model and an exemplar of proper deportment and conduct."

"Col. Goodwin, as a lesbian who is 'married' to another woman, not only demeans the institution of marriage but contradicts the divine basis for marriage revealed in Scripture and evident in nature."...

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Response to Brig. Gen. (Select) Kristin E. Goodwin's
Appointment to Commandant of Cadets from a
USAF Academy Graduate

On Apr 4, 2017, at 12:05 PM, USAFA grad wrote:

Y'know, it's fascinating.

Typically, you're at loggerheads with the Defense community, because they refuse to respect the boundaries that they MUST acknowledge. Yet with Colonel Goodwin, you're defending that same Defense community against attacks by bigoted outsiders. [I consider Dowty to be an outsider when he's spewing his hate through CFP.] Don't get me started on Roy Moore.

I've never met Kristen Goodwin, but I've heard from people from both the Whiteman and Barksdale communities that have NOTHING but good things to say about her. And, those who know her firsthand keep using words like "leadership" and "charisma".....all those things the Air Force would want in its Commandant of Cadets.

I wonder how many higher-ups in the USAF have noticed that in this case, you're on their side. You've made IG complaints before, but generally to complain about exceeding those boundaries. This complaint is about their failure to act against someone else who's (inappropriately) railing against the USAF leadership. My guess is, they're tossing this complaint into the "Weinstein Bucket." But, this one is clearly different. They made the right and proper choice, and your complaint only serves to encourage the leadership to fight for that choice and not stand silently by while that choice is disrespected.

It's a very strange world we live in.


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