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Saturday, March 18, 2017



"But my greatest privilege is standing in front of my king and my God, carrying every member of my organization to his throne and asking for his protection, his mercy, his love on each of them and their families and whatever are their concerns and burdens of the day. That is what I have come to believe is the essence of leadership."

- Maj. Gen. Julie Bentz, Vice Director of the
Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization

MRFF is representing 113 outraged clients regarding Maj. Gen. Bentz evangelizing her Christian religion IN UNIFORM during the 56th annual Kansas Prayer Breakfast.


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Did general’s prayer breakfast remarks go too far? An advocacy group wants her fired

Friday, March 17, 2017

Advocates for religious freedom say a two-star general violated the U.S. Constitution and endangered troops when she told those gathered at a prayer breakfast about her “greatest privilege.”

Speaking in uniform, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Julie A. Bentz, vice director of the Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization, said she wanted to carry the members of her organization to God’s throne.

Her comments at the 56th annual Kansas Prayer Breakfast invited “fury” from active duty personnel and civilian defense employees, said Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

“Our phone lines and emails just light up,” he said. “We are currently representing 113 outraged members of the military and civilians, based on what she said.” [...]

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Email to Mikey Weinstein From MRFF Client/Senior Military Officer Re: Maj. Gen. Bentz evangelizing her Christian religion IN UNIFORM during the 56th annual Kansas Prayer Breakfast

From: Senior Military Officer
Date: March 16, 2017 at 6:48:54 AM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein
Subject: Serious Church/State Violation By Army Major General

Dear MRFF.

I just read the article published on Maj Gen Bentz's speech in Topeka KS--delivered in uniform to over 600 people.
As someone who's served more than 25 years in uniform, including one assignment at the very organization to which she is now assigned as the deputy, I just can't imagine a much more inappropriate or disconcerting message. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's passionate about JIDO's mission and thinks it's her best job ever--we should all think that way about our current assignment--but she must certainly misinterpret what her specific mission is when she says, " greatest privilege is standing in front of my King and my God, carrying every member of my organization to his throne and asking for his protection, his mercy, his love on each of them and their families and whatever are their concerns and burdens of the day." Is her job to convert all of the employees, civilian and military, to her brand of charismatic catholicism or is it to lead the JIDO team towards effectively finding ways to counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs)? Is she stating, in effect, that her brand of christianity is a necessary and sufficient counter to IEDs and that all other religious perspectives are, in effect, Improvised Religious Devices (IRDs) that are threats to our nation, culture, and order?

Wow, I'm sure glad I don't work there any more. I remember, from many years ago, when we received a proposal to counter IEDs from an external source that suggested that we should assemble platoons of religious leaders (from all faiths) who would advance, all praying in unison, in front of our troops and convoys, relying on the multi-dimensional power of prayer to magically defuse all bombs in heir path. That ridiculous plan, along with a steady stream of similarly absurd proposals from well-meaning whack jobs, was entered into our notebook of shame. (Another cool one was a proposal to fly B-1 bombers at supersonic speed and low levels, depending on the shock wave to detonate any IEDs--ignoring the fact that the B-1 is not a supersonic aircraft). Now, I'd have to go back an research if the prayer proposal didn't come from some Army National Guard Unit...

Now, though, looking at General Bentz's job and her recent words, I have to fear for some of those that work at JIDO; those who depend on science, evidence, intelligence, and hard work to defeat the work of very innovative and resourceful enemy. Will all future counter-IED proposal evaluations now be based upon whether the presenting program manager or submitting inventor has fallen in line with the deputy's religious beliefs or attends prayer breakfasts with her? It would not be unreasonable, as a JIDO employee to ask this question based upon the statement above. I'd certainly think that some level of favoritism would be shown by Gen Bentz if one were to affirm to her that they had, in fact, seen the one true path she outlines above and thanks her for her religious guidance. It would be one thing for General Bentz, on her own time, in a private setting like her own church or bible study group, in her off-duty time to say and mean what she said at this prayer breakfast--that's her right. But the time, place, and manner in which she made these comments is simply anathema to the style of leadership that sustains good order and discipline within an American military organization. She stated, in uniform, in public, that her job is to convert her subordinates to her religious beliefs. What if she'd said publicly that her job was to bring JIDO's hundreds of employees towards a better understanding of the peace that only Allah can provide and that they should all pursue martyrdom to help defeat the IED threat? The latter would cause a firestorm, but someone the former causes barely a ripple? Unbelievable.

Maj Gen Bentz needs to be relieved of her position immediately. By her published words, she has violated the very Constitution that she has sworn to defend--an alienated many in her own organization she's promised to lead. Maybe the punishment for her actions should be a place in front of a convoy, too, where she can put her beliefs into direct practice--but then again, I wouldn't want anyone to be actually in the convoy behind her, relying on her to protect me.

A Senior Military Officer


Military leader shares how faith influences her leadership style at 56th annual Kansas
Prayer Breakfast

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A top military leader spoke Wednesday about her servant-leadership style that incorporates honoring Christ and loving people during the 56th annual Kansas Prayer Breakfast at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center, 420 S.E. 6th.

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Julie A. Bentz, vice director of the Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization based in Washington, D.C., was the featured speaker at the breakfast, which organizers said about 600 people attended.

In her military position, Bentz is responsible for helping keep U.S. soldiers safe in war-torn areas around the world by providing quick reaction capabilities to counter roadside bombs and other threats that develop in war-torn regions, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. She spoke of her current post as her "best job yet." [...]

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