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Thursday, July 6, 2017


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As online technology advances, so advances
a glacial spate of hate against MRFF!

Here's the brutal reality
of online hate

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mikey Weinstein knows about online harassment. He also knows what it's like when digital threats cross into real life.

About 10 years ago, someone shattered the windows of his suburban home in New Mexico. Twice. He's found a swastika and a cross painted near the front door.


Police say they've been called to the Weinstein residence many times over the years.

Weinstein doesn't scare easily. Yet the Air Force vet and former Reagan administration attorney has hired armed bodyguards after enduring years of vicious emails, hateful social media posts and hostile phone calls related to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, the nonprofit he founded in 2005 to protect military members regardless of their faith. 


...We've cleaned up most of this email Weinstein got in December 2013, but it still gives a sense of how brutal many people are on the internet:

"Hey jewboy Mickey Whinerstein. The Air Force Base in S. Carolina should make a naitivity scene out of your dismembered f----- body parts. You stinking k--- commie athiest liberal d--- sucking Obummer loving Jesus hating f----- lawyer. Who worships satan queers and abortions and muslims sand n------ like Obummer more than your own country. TRAITOR JEW!"


One racist forum,, has attracted a particularly violent membership from all over the world since it was founded in 1995...


"The Trump phenomena has been electrifying to the radical right wing," Potok says. "They lurk on the internet."

Weinstein agrees, saying the attacks against him and his family have gotten worse since the election.


Bonnie, [Mikey's wife] who also gets threats, assembled some of the hatred into a 254-page book called "You Can Be a Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can't Be Both." The title is a reference to the spelling, punctuation and grammar errors that pepper the emails, tweets and posts the couple receives. The communication, Bonnie says, is notable for its hatred of Jews.

"The 'Jew bashing' that is presented here is just incredible to me," she writes in the book.


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Mikey Weinstein and Family
Victims of Hate Crime

photo of swastika and cross vandalism

Coverage by the 

Albuquerque Journal Logo

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Letter to the Editor


N.M. No Place For Vandalism

THE NEW MEXICO Anti-Defamation League condemns the recent cowardly act of anti-Semitic vandalism in our community, a swastika brazenly scrawled on the home of activist Mikey Weinstein.

Weinstein's mission to ensure religious freedom for all people in the military is one guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution. It is outrageous that he and his family are continually subjected to acts of hate simply for his desire to uphold the establishment clause of America's most important document.
We look toward a quick response from law enforcement to identify the perpetrator. There is no place for hate in our Land of Enchantment.

Regional director
Anti-Defamation League. Albuquerque

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MRFF BOOK: "To The Far Right Christian Hater... You Can be a Good Speller or a Hater,
But You Can't Be Both"


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the book by Bonnie Weinstein

Bonnie Weinstein (above) is the co-founder of the Military Religious
Freedom Foundation (MRFF). She lives in New Mexico. These 2 billboards promoted her book city-wide in Los Angeles, CA


(March 2008 - June 2017)


"But Abq Jew has gotta tell ya - the best response came from Mikey Weinstein, the founder and leader of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)."
- Abq Jew

MRFF's Founder and President Mikey Weinstein, the recipient of untold volumes of anti-Semitic hate mail, knew exactly what advice to offer Abq Jew when they called him after receiving hateful bigoted messages.

Click image above to read Abq Jew's Blog Post commending Mikey and MRFF

Thank you Abq Jew for commending MRFF in the February 1st, 2017 Blog Post.

Click here to see the hate mail
received by Abq Jew
CAUTION! Extremely offensive language!

Hateful Voicemail to Mikey

Mikey Weinstein received this vitriolic voicemail which represents modernity's new bigotry, hiding its ugly face behind the veil of technology:

Inbox logo

Click on image to listen (:51)

Powerful response to above voicemail from Former United States Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) and MRFF Client:

From: Former United States Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) and MRFF Client
To: Mikey Weinstein
Date: June 23, 2017 at 11:27AM MDT
Subject: Voicemail

I'm sorry Mikey, I saw your e-mail on my phone and completely missed the attachment.

I don't even know what to say. I'm horrified, sad, and furious all at the same time. I can't believe there are people out in this world that would make light of, and use as an emotional weapon, the horrendous murder of 6,000,000 innocent people.

We as citizens of the world have the duty to ensure nothing so horrific as the Holocaust ever happens again. People like this show that the will still exists in our country for it to happen, as horrible of a thought as that is.

When I first heard you speak at that JAG conference in San Antonio in 2007 (10 years ago??? wow), your message resonated with me because my whole life I had been approached by people that saw it as their personal mission to make me Christian. Without exception, these people were well meaning, but I thought the world would be a better place without their blatant proselytizing, especially in the military.

This voicemail makes very clear that there is a lot more at stake than just protecting our constitutional ideals. It's completely despicable that there are people out there like this that are involved with those that seek to pervert and crush the First Amendment. It tells me that our opponents have at least an element that condones the annihilation of those that do not embrace their religious views. This is a serious threat that must be confronted head on. Silence in the face of this kind of evil resulted in the Holocaust and many other atrocities. Voices like the MRFF are the sentinels that ensure that we will never experience anything so horrific in these United States. We can, and we will, make sure that our voices are heard, that our country stays faithful to the Constitution, and that people everywhere in this nation are free to practice any religion of their choosing without harassment or violence.

I'm sorry you had to listen to this awful message. There's a special place in hell for people like this.

Thank you again for all you do.

With my greatest respect,

(Former United States Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) and MRFF Client name withheld)

Betty Bowers Reads REAL Hate Mail Sent to MRFF's Inbox

MRFF commissioned writer and producer, Andrew Bradley, to create these satirical videos, starring "America's Best Christian®"
Mrs. Betty Bowers.

Mrs. Betty Bowers is portrayed by comedian & performer Deven Green, who is known for her video comedy parodies & has almost half a million fans on Facebook.

Onward, Christian Soldiers!

Hate Mail read by "Rachael",
MRFF's Maven of Mockery

Inbox logo

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The below email exemplifies the unyielding onslaught of hate received by
MRFF's Mikey Weinstein

"You just crucified
Jesus again jewboy"

From: wizardlawdog
Subject: You just crucified Jesus again jewboy
Date: June 5, 2017 at 5:48:56 PM MDT
To: Mikey Weinstein

dear fucking jew swine kikey whinerswine,

just go fuck yourself over your little supreme court injustice against the Word of Christ Jesus

jews like mikey The Whiner can't stop crucifying our Lord and Savior anymore than raghead ayrabzzzz can stop fucking goats and inbreeding

you think you 'won" a supreme court victory today?
you are nothing but a hooked nose POS?

nobody stops Jesus Christ certainly not a hellhound corpse like you are.

your nothing but dry kindling for the next concentration camps little mikey cause jews burns good

Jesus doesn't care about you're little mrrf supreme court decisions

Jesus IS THE ONLY SUPREME COURT which matters

surrender to The Word or burn

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

Dear Wizard Law Dog,

At least you got the "Dog" right. The rest of it would be more fitting if you referred to yourself as "Stupid Bigoted Cowardly Creep."

First, bigots are not Christians. So that lets you out.

Second, the only thing that "stops Jesus" is having cowardly, cretinous haters like you pretending to represent either him or his teaching. True Christians cringe when they see fools like you claiming to speak for him and dragging him – and them – down in the gutter with you.

You are a pathetic coward, a wretched fool, an anti-Christian and an embarrassment to this country.

Other than that, you're fine.

Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

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