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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation
has been nominated for the 2015
Nobel Peace Prize, marking the SEVENTH time the foundation has been honored with a nomination in the span of SIX consecutive years

Nomination Letter

Bobby Muller
Washington, DC XXXXX

November 13, 2014

Thorbjørn Jagland
Nobel Prize Committee
Henrik Ibsens gate 51

Dear Chairman Jagland and Nobel Peace Prize Committee Members:

As co-founder and head of the organization that managed the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines, I know full well how important the awarding of this most prestigious civil rights prize is to advocates for peace and justice all over the world. Because of our Noble Peace Prize win in 1997, I am most fortunate to be empowered to nominate others to the Nobel Committee for this same award and I have exercised this power to nominate in favor of only one entity in that entire time span of 17 years for which I have had this unique opportunity.

Specifically, and for the last several years, I have been nominating an individual, and the civil rights advocacy organization he directs, to receive this most important award. I feel very strongly that the work of this person and the organization he founded is critical to furthering world peace and deserves international recognition. The organization addresses fundamentalist religious advocacy and intolerance within the United States armed forces. It’s an incredibly costly, difficult and dangerous job to challenge Christian fundamentalism in the American military. Mikey Weinstein and his organization, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, have my deepest respect. I hope you take a serious look at the incredible work he and his foundation have done and its crucial effort to expose fundamentalist proselytizing within the United States military which is a most significant issue as the United States goes after religious fundamentalist violence around the world.

I will gladly provide you again with a more detailed account than what follows of the organization’s accomplishments and the challenges it faces if you so desire. Much was incorporated in my earlier Nobel Peace Prize letters of nomination. One of the reasons I continue to nominate Mr. Weinstein and his organization is because they are such a lone voice in this effort and have been subjected to the most vile and horrifying threats of violence and anti-Semitism that I’ve ever known. The bravery of this group to go on in the face of such terrifying intimidation is inspiring. I’ve come to appreciate that fundamentalist religious beliefs are dangerous when so aggressively, insensitively and relentlessly pushed on those of other faiths or of no faith. Clearly this is an issue that affects the entire world community in devastating ways all around the globe. To shine a bright light on the very same destructive and counterproductive efforts of sectarian religious extremism within the American military would serve a great purpose in exposing what so many around the world already are aware of.

*Mr. Bobby Muller is a proud serving member of the
Military Religious Freedom Foundation Advisory Board*

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2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Letter

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MRFF's Inbox

We receive an enormous amount of emails at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, both from our supporters and detractors. "MRFF's Inbox" allows us to share this correspondence with you:

She'd have to pay me

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Please ask your retarded husband why he wants, and feels the need to be such an obvious asshole. Why does he not grow some juevos and publicly tell all of us why he has such a rat up his ass about religion, especially Christian? Even if he hates religion what harm does it do to allow others their faith. Your husband is a straight line agitator and for no good reason accept I guess his twisted perceptions of what is important. At least religion helps some people to deal with life in a positive way but for the life of me the only thing I see your husband doing is stroking his ego with no real positive effect on anything except maybe his hateful psyche. What a waste of human tissue.

(name withheld)

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MRFF Volunteers


I am so offended after reading your statement. Your true colors were revealed when you said the following “Franklin Graham is a fundamentalist – a total enemy of the Constitution – an absolutely incredible Islamophobe,” Weinstein said. So by your comment we now understand why you are so aggressively attack the religious freedoms of the military. You support Islam, which is completely opposite of what this great country what founded on and stands for! Shame on you for supporting such an horrendous false religion who believes in killing innocent people, including children for their own horrendous ideology. Who hate America because we are infidels according to their religion! That you have decided to call Franklin Graham an enemy of the Constitution shows you have no clue what you are talking about. You represent only a MINORITY and we Christian Americans will not sit by and be silent by someone who is so intolerant of the Christian faith our country was founded on. No, we will not be silent, shame on you!!!!

(name withheld)

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MRFF Volunteers


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Bonnie Weinstein is the co-founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization dedicated to ensuring that all members of the United States Armed Forces receive the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom to which they and
all Americans are entitled.
She lives in New Mexico.

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