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Friday, December 30, 2016

"Thank You" Email to MRFF from Appreciative U.S. Army Civilian Family for Stopping Christian Proselytizing at Child Development Center on Military Installation

From: U.S. Army Civilian's E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: MRFF Helped My Family
Date: December 29, 2016 at 11:14:44 AM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein ([email protected])

I've followed the work of MRFF for years, donating when I could. I was always grateful that my experience as a former active duty U.S. Army soldier and as a current DoD civilian was free of the aggressive, fundamentalist Christian agenda which is so pervasive in today’s armed forces and which MRFF fights so hard against every day. I work on a diverse, research-focused Army base with many viewpoints and faiths. I'm a scientist, and have always kept a clear separation between my faith and my work. The community on base, as a rule, has done so as well.

What I didn't count on was that my child would be blatantly proselytized by the Christian staff in her ON-BASE pre-Kindergarten class. I happen to be of the Jewish faith as is my child. I didn't realize that perhaps otherwise well-meaning people of a majority faith would send my daughter home with Christian vocabulary words and the belief that she was "the only Jewish person who believes in Jesus." And when I brought it to the attention of the ON-BASE school's leadership, I couldn't get them to understand why this was wrong, and why it demanded a response. My wife and I felt genuinely alone and hurt, faced with an indifferent bureaucracy... but because of MRFF's outreach efforts, I knew who to call.

Within a few minutes of my inquiry, MRFF roared into action. It was like calling in an air strike. I provided a detailed explanation of the circumstances, Mikey identified the key personnel and contacted them directly. And 18 hours later, our command leadership called me with the kind of response we hoped for - an apology, and a plan to ensure the secular, rigorous education my daughter has a right to on our military installation. Because of Mikey and the MRFF's advocacy, my daughter's rights have been emphatically defended.

When I needed them, the MRFF was there. Not a voice mail, not a comment card - real, aggressive people who fight for our rights. A donation to MRFF ensures that the Foundation can respond with overwhelming force, get the attention of those in command, and set things right.

I took an oath to defend the Constitution, twice. Donating to MRFF is one way I can live up to that promise.

(U.S. Army Civilian's name, rank/grade, job title, unit and military installation all withheld)

Email to Mikey Weinstein from U.S. Army Active Duty Colonel and Garrison Commander Stating that he will Address the Family's Complaint and Follow Up

From: U.S. Army Active Duty Colonel/Garrison Commander's E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: (U.S. Army Installation Name Withheld) CDC case
Date: December 29, 2016 at 11:28:06 AM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein ([email protected])

Mr. Weinstein,

Thank you for taking my call today.

To summarize our conversation, we have addressed the (MRFF client family’s name withheld) family's concerns and acknowledge that we had some inappropriate instruction in our CDC earlier this month. We are taking appropriate action to address the issue at the school. Most importantly, we have a letter going to the (MRFF client family’s name withheld) family acknowledging the error and the hurt it caused the family, as well as apologizing to them. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and giving the chain of command the opportunity to appropriately address the situation. 

Support and Defend!

(U.S. Army Active Duty Colonel/Garrison Commander's name, unit, military installation, office and cell phone number’s all withheld)

Email from Mikey Weinstein to the U.S. Army Active Duty Colonel and Garrison Commander Expressing Appreciation for Addressing the Family's Complaint

From: Mikey Weinstein ([email protected])
Subject: Re: (U.S. Army Installation Name Withheld) CDC case
Date: December 29, 2016 at 11:30:26 AM MST
To: U.S. Army Active Duty Colonel/Garrison Commander's E-Mail Address Withheld

...roger that all, (U.S. Army Active Duty Colonel/Garrison Commander name withheld)...greatly appreciate what you all are currently doing to address this unfortunate situation...please keep MRFF apprised...most grateful, Mikey 505-250-7727

Hard Copy Letter of Apology from the U.S. Army Garrison Command Team to U.S. Army Civilian Family and MRFF Stating They Have Taken Corrective Action

From: Deputy Garrison Commander's E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: (Name of Child Development Center Withheld) CDC concerns
Date: December 29, 2016 at 3:29:00 PM MST
To: U.S. Army Civilian's E-Mail Address Withheld, Mikey Weinstein ([email protected])

This letter has been redacted to protect the privacy of the
MRFF client and their family.

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