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Friday, August 19, 2016



Investigation's Integrity Questioned: MRFF Demands Immediate Answers

Friday, August 19, 2016

Colonel Feltman,

Sir, this past Monday morning, August 15, 2016, you and I had a very productive, nearly 12 minute telephone conversation regarding MRFF's demands on behalf of its clients on this unconstitutional matter of Major Steve Lewis' open bible, desk, static display. As I told you in that call, MRFF's clients comprise of 33 USAF officers, enlisted personnel, civilians and government contractors (21 of whom are directly under your command at the 310th Space Wing).

Sir, in that call you and I had, you personally assured me several times that you had initiated an "investigation" and that it would be "fair, open and transparent" in order to provide an equitable opportunity for our 33 MRFF clients' grievances to be reviewed on a level playing field in a just, rational and reasonable manner in accord with all USAF regulations and Federal law and caselaw. I considered your promises to be a good faith sign that our MRFF clients would get a fair shake in this "investigation".

Based on your "yes or no" answer to the question below, I may no longer hold that view, sir.

Unfortunately, we have received some potentially credible information that the officer in charge of your "investigation" may well be Colonel Lisa Johnson, the Commander of the very unit, the Reserve National Security Space Institute (RNSSI), in which Major Steve Lewis has been flagrantly violating USAF regulations and Constitutional law by displaying in the center of his desk his open bible, on the very same, yellow highlighted page, for years upon years with universal impunity and complete inaction by his USAF chain of command.

I ask you now, Colonel Feltman, is it true? We are not sure and that is why we are demanding to have this critical threshold fact either confirmed or denied immediately please, sir.

If it is true, sir, then you have made a total mockery and travesty of what was supposed to be, using YOUR own words again, a "fair, open and transparent" investigation. If true, the conflict of interest stench would malodorously permeate and comprehensively discredit your so-called "investigation".

While we sincerely hope that the information we have been provided is not accurate, we MUST have this serious matter resolved and right away please, Colonel Feltman.

If it is not true, then we apologize in advance for the inconvenience of this e-mail to you, sir. However, if it IS true, how could it possibly be equitable or even logical, sir, to essentially have Colonel Lisa Johnson "investigate" herself?

Hello? Got Conflict of Interest?

Specifically, Colonel Feltman, if true, how could you POSSIBLY claim, in good faith, that this "investigation" is "fair, open and transparent" when:

(1) You would have chosen as your lead "investigator", the very same officer who initiated the anonymous and voluntary "climate survey" of her unit, the RNSSI, in February of 2016 or so of this year to gauge her unit's good order, moral, discipline and unit cohesion, and then TOTALLY ignored (during that climate survey out-brief discussion just a month or two ago) that same complaint filed by one of our MRFF clients under her (and your) command about Major Lewis' unconstitutional open bible static display? Well, sir, I say "totally ignored" but it was worse than that. Colonel Johnson DID note that a complaint had been raised but did not even mention the subject matter of the complaint and merely advised her USAF subordinates to speak to her about it if they wished. Of course, that would require them to "out" themselves to her to do so and be subject to expected hostile reprisal and retribution. Thus, that was the end of that.

(2) You would have chosen as your lead "investigator", the very same officer who has validated and endorsed Major Steve Lewis's open bible, desk, static display by doing NOTHING about it being in plain sight for the approximately one year she has already been in command at RNSSI?

If it is true that Colonel Lisa Johnson has been designated as your lead "investigator" for this Commander Directed "Investigation", sir, than that odious fact is an obvious and abhorrent conflict of interest of the most despicable degree, Colonel Feltman.

Consequently, if true, MRFF demands that you immediately relinquish control forthwith of this "investigational travesty" to your superior chain of command at Space Command as you would have become ignobly complicit in this entire sordid matter of fundamentalist Christian, proselytizing supremacy. Indeed, if true, MRFF and its clients would justly have absolutely NO confidence that it and they would ever receive any justice from you or your underlings.

MRFF and its 33 USAF clients and their families (31 of whom are practitioners of the Christian faith) anxiously await the answer to this terribly important question, Colonel Feltman.

I understand from speaking with your Executive Officer, Lt. Colonel Adams, this morning about these very same concerns that you are on "vacation" and your second-in-command is also not around.

I am quite sure that your physical absence will not prevent you from timely answering this simple, yet all-too-critical question as to whether you have designated the RNSSI Commander, Colonel Lisa Johnson, as your lead investigator on this MRFF complaint.

Please provide your answer before close of business today, Friday, August 19, 2016, at the very latest.

MRFF and its clients anxiously await your official answer, sir.

Thank you,

Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein, Founder and President
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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